About Me


I am an Assistant Professor of Information Technology Management at Boise State University. Prior postings include the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado, where I was an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems. I earned my Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, where I studied Business Information Technology and was part of the Technology & Operations department at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. My research interests include the application of information systems to challenging interdisciplinary problems, with two recent emphasis areas including environmental sustainability and health IT. Prior to joining academia, I worked for seven years in the health care, real estate, telecommunications, and high tech industries as both an employee and IT management consultant. I hold a BS degree in Business from the University of Idaho, where I double-majored in Management Information Systems and Finance.


Classes taught at Boise State:

  • MBA 503 - Project Management (Sp20, Sp21, Sp22)

  • SCM 435 / ITM 435 - Project Management (Fa19, Fa20, Fa21, Fa22)

  • ITM 310 - Business Intelligence (business core MIS & Visualization Class)

    • Course Coordinator (Fall & Spring, Fa17-Sp20)

    • Instructor (Fall & Spring, Fa17-Fa22)

Classes taught at University of Northern Colorado

  • BACS 300 - Information Systems (Fall & Spring, Fa15-Sp17)

  • BACS 200 - Web Design for Small Business (Fall & Spring, Fa15-Sp17)

  • BACS 385 - Fundamentals of Project Management (Sp16, Sp17)

Classes taught at the University of Michigan

  • TO 300 - Information Systems (Winter 2013)

  • TO 640 - Big Data Management Tools and Techniques (TA, Winter 2015)

  • HMP 668 / SI 542 - Introduction to Health Informatics (TA, Fall 2013)